Line of expertise


  • Savvy International provides short and long-term interim tax solutions in the area of:

    Overall - cover, assist or replace in-house tax directors or managers in day-to-day executive tax management, also for holding and finance companies.

    M&A - specific in-house services on due diligence, structuring, SPA drafting, closing and post-closing tax optimisation, including full-fledged (international) coordination and implementation.

    Corporate restructuring - specific services on tax planning, execution, implementation and fine-tuning.

    Share sale - vendor due diligence, sale preparation and proper documenting.

    Other - specific (international) tax engagements, such as tax audit support, WHT optimisation, TCF set-up, implementation of tax projects.

  • Savvy International provides short and long-term tax counselling in the area of:

    M&A - a full range of M&A related tax services, which includes but is not limited to due diligence, tax structuring, SPA drafting, post-closing advice and implementation and vendor due diligence.

    Corporate restructuring - tax assistance in every step of corporate restructuring, from initial set-up to full implementation, including related tax compliance.

    Tax advisory and planning services - all tax technical advice and tax support in the corporate arena which includes, amongst other things, international tax planning, second opinions, tax compliance, ATR negotiation and filing.

    Holding and finance - full executive tax management for group holding and finance companies.